Insurance coverage can grant financial structure and support in case of any failures, similar to the source of income loss. Almost all of the fundamental for people with loved ones or loved ones, as it can help reduce financial stress throughout unlucky occasions. Among the top insurance companies in Malaysia, AIG Malaysia can help fulfil all of your personal accident insurance covers wants, having its agile and wide-ranging policies.

If you’re searching for just a one-stop insurance company that can protect all aspects of your life, then think about using AIG Malaysia. AIG has home, car, travel, and individual accident insurance, that can be used to make sure you require a secure plan b in case of unpredicted accidents. AIG’s Travel Insurance policies include both local and in foreign lands travel options. Some of the events that are covered by AIG include coverage of medical expenses in case of unforeseen accident or illness, delayed flights, lost baggage and even more. Travel with comfort, knowing that you’re thoroughly protected!

AIG Malaysia

If you’re a property owner, you should think of benefiting from kind of home insurance to safeguard yourself against unwarranted costs that could incur if your home or its items are destroyed. House insurance is useful in preserving you against earthquakes, and burglary, or theft. AIG also provides economic service if you need alternative accommodation.

Protect your vehicle with AIG’s comprehensive car insurance policy. Some benefits of the policy include our road help service that can assist you in modifying your tyres, battery, and help you in the scenario of any accidents. In the event of car damage, additionally, you will obtain a full pay-out.

Having Personal Accident Insurance contains many benefits, together with a cash payout on all accidents, and also medical and hospitalization benefits. AIG’s policies also extend to 24/7, worldwide coverage, and also the premium you can be needed to pay depends only on your occupation and selection of plans. Let yourself concentrate on the more essential matters in life without having to worry with regards to the unforeseen. AIG Malaysia’s personal accident insurance policies provide you with a variety of options and choices, so you can decide which ones suit you best.